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Freight Equipment For Sale/Lease/Wanted

Railcar Dumper

Herzog Contracting Corp. - HCC

Wanted for Purchase:

Used Rotary Railcar Dumper, Prefer +/- 53'
Ft. Heyl - Patterson or equal capable of 286 GW
and 3 Axle Locomotive run-through,
Prefer pinion drive to chan drive.

Will consider in-place or dismantled...
USA or Canada preferred...

Joe Neb: (816) 901-4059
Cell: (816) 387-1692
Email: Jkneib@herzog.com


Dakota Gasifiction Company
Beulah, ND

For Sale:

50 - 34,000 gallon, 1996, 110 ton Trinity Built, Tank Cars DOT-112J340W
Last Contained Anhydrous Ammonia.

Please contact for RFP:
Tara Schoenwald Vesey (701)557-4410
Email: tvesey@bepc.com

Recology Inc.

For Sale or Lease:

61 90', 286K, heavy duty container flatcars, built in 2000 by Greenbrier.
Currently used for garbage containers. Can haul 12' tall containers.

Bennie Anselmo: (415)875-1169

JRK Rail

For Sale

100 Height side , Flat bottom, gons: 2800 &4000 CF.
Presently in scrap steel service. Top chords and side reinforced.
Built in 1977-79. $19,500 each

John Krugle: (412)331-7575
Email: JKrugle@aol.com
Fax: (412)778-0457

VTG Rail, Inc.

Available For Sale or Lease:

2 52' 263k, Gons. 4' sides Sale or (lease)

10 2700 CF, 263k rapid discharge,
Open Top Hoppers, (for sale or lease)

Available for Lease:

5400 CF, aluminum covered hoppers with
trough hatches an gravity gates, 286K

5200 CF, covered hoppers with trough
hatches and gravity gates, 286K.

3000 CF, Pressure Differential cars,

17,500 gallon, exterior coiled and insulated tank cars

5750 CF, covered hoppers with trough hatches and gravity gates

4750 CF, Covered Hoppers with trough hatches and gravity gates.

30,000 gallon, N/C - N/I general purpose tanks


Randy Sycks: (618) 977-6769

Lynn Hayungs: (956) 358-5272

Arkansas & Missouri Railroad

For Sale
40 Aluminum Hoppers with pneumatic gates,
built in 1991, 286,000 cap.

22 Mil Gons., Built in 1970 rebuilt in 1992,
10 GRL 268, 12 GRL 263.


Darci Robinson: (479) 725-4006

The Andersons

Available for Lease or Sale:

104 Aluminum Gondolas, 1990 Built, 275,000 Capacity

85 Aluminum Rapid Discharge Hoppers, 1991 Built, 263,000 Capacity

92 Steel Manual Hoppers, 1991 Built, 263,000 Capacity

94 Center beam Flat Cars, 73', 286,000 Capacity with Risers

Chuck Brown: (419) 891-6386
Email: chuck_brown@andersons.com
Matt Keck: (419) 891-6693

Perc International

Available for Lease:

40 20,888 gal, insulated, 304L Stainless Steel, Tank cars Built by Union Tank.


Atel Equipment Services
Available for lease:

3,600 CF, open top hoppers

100 Ton, Automated/Manual Ballast Cars

65' 100 Ton, log spine cars equipped with six (6) log bunks

4,480 CF, Aluminum, Rotary Dump, Gons

4600 CF, Covered Hopper Cars

Tom Monroe: (415) 616-3472
Email: tmonroe@atel.com

Kanawha Rail Corp.
For Lease:

199 - 100 ton, two pocket, covered hoppers with round hatches,
1980 Built, by Portec for sand Service.

Cars Located in Hollidaysburg, PA

Gary Begley: (304)949-5630
Email: Gary.Begley@energytransfer.com

Herzog Railroad Services, Inc. - HRSI

Wanted For Purchase

150 +/- Aluminum, flat bottom, coal cars.

Keith Schmitz: (816)901-4091

Mid Am Equipment, Inc.

1 20,500 Gallon, 111A100W1,

3 23,500 Gallon, 111A100W1,

10 89, 70-Ton, Flatcars

Bob: (480)247-3892

Western Railroad Cars, Inc.

Wanted for purchase

35 4750 CF, CH's. Prefer 50 year Cars

Jorge Lopez: (818) 437-2909


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