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Investors First Capital

Wanted to Buy:

50-100 Box Cars> 50′ or 60′ >Older Cars Considered
100-200 OTH Manual & Rapid Discharge Hoppers
100-6000 CF Covered Hoppers

50-60 Large capacity closed top hoppers for plastic pellet and grain service.

Available for Sale or Lease

88+ 4000 CF, RD, Aluminum OTH’s,

Sam Mannino: (814) 692-5277
Email: [email protected]

Abby K Luse: (814) 777 -7756
Email: [email protected]

Services Available

Mid-Am Equipment

Flat Cars for Bridges

Railcar Marketing – All railcar types

Railcar Parts

Tank Cars for Storage

Bob Schroeder: (480) 247-3892
Email: [email protected].

                    Mid-Am Equipment:

Locomotive Parts/Rebuilt
Auxiliary Generators: 10KW, 14 KW, 18KW & 24KW
Main Generators:        D12, D15, D22, D32, Ar10
Traction Motors           D57, D67, D77 & D78
Wheel Sets                     GP & SD Hyatt’s/RB Switcher
Air Brake Sets                26L

Freight Car Parts

Axles & Wheel Sets:

Wheel Sets:                      70, 100 & 110 ton
Rebuilt Truck Sets          70, 100 & 110 ton

More inventory available.


ATEL Equipment Services

Tank Cars Available

26,671 Gallon, 263 GRL, N/C N/I
      Tank Cars

Tom Monroe: (415) 616-3472
Email: [email protected]

Mid-Am Equipment

Available for Sale or Lease:
  • 3 – 23,500 Gallon, 105J and 112J – 300 to 400 PSI – for captive service only.

  3 – 34,00000 Gallon, 105J and 112J – 300
     to 400 PSI – for captive service only

Railcars Cars Wanted

Flat cars, All sized to be used as bridges and/or interchange

Gondolas – All sizes for captive service and interchange

Flat Cars for use as bridges for Sale

10 – 89’ Flatcars Suitable for Bridges only.

Phone: (480) 247-3892
Email: [email protected]