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The Rail Mart , Inc.

We  will be closed from January 17th to the 30th. I will be gone on a medical aid mission to the Philippians and may not be able to contact people due to limited or disrupted internet and phone service where I will be.  In the last two months they have had 4 earthquakes, typhoon, hail storm and now a active volcano with the possibility of a tsunami.



Conrad Tannhauser


                    Mid-Am Equipment:

Locomotive Parts/Rebuilt
Auxiliary Generators: 10KW, 14 KW, 18KW & 24KW
Main Generators:        D12, D15, D22, D32, Ar10
Traction Motors           D57, D67, D77 & D78
Wheel Sets                     GP & SD Hyatt’s/RB Switcher
Air Brake Sets                26L

Freight Car Parts

Axles & Wheel Sets:

Wheel Sets:                      70, 100 & 110 ton
Rebuilt Truck Sets          70, 100 & 110 ton

More inventory available.


                The Andersons

PD Covered Hoppers Available for Lease:

(50) 5660 CF, PD covered hoppers:
NEW ARI built 286 GRL, food grade
interior linings, Feb/March 2020 delivery.

Covered Hoppers Available For Lease:

(50) 5116 – 5250 CF, covered hoppers:
286 GRL, trough hatches, 30 x 30
gravity gates.

(100) 4750 CF, covered hoppers:
286 GRL, trough or round hatches available
gravity gates

Tank Cars Available for Lease:

(50) 30K, DOT 111 NC/NI Tank Cars:
263 GRL, lined or unlined available

Matt Keck:  (419) 891-6693
Email: [email protected]



VTG Rail, Inc.

Open Top Hoppers Available for Lease:
  • 4000 CF, 263k GRL, steel, rapid discharge open top hoppers.

Covered Hoppers Available For Lease:

  • 3000 CF, covered hoppers, 263k GRL
  • 3250, CF, covered hoppers, 286k GRL
  • 4650 – 5250 CF, covered hoppers, 263k GRL. with round hatch covers and gravity gates.
  • 4750 CF, covered hoppers with trough hatches and gravity gates.
  • 5127 CF, covered hoppers with gravity gates, 286k GRL
  • 5161 CF, covered hoppers, gravity pneumatic outlet gates, lined, 286k GRL
  • 5750 & 5850 CF, covered hoppers with trough hatches, gravity gates, 263k GRL
  • 5750 CF, covered hoppers with trough hatches and gravity gates, 263k GRL
  • 5850 CF, 263k GRL, plastic pellet cars.
  • 6500 CF, covered hoppers with Trough hatches, gravity gates 286k GRL.

Tank Cars Available for Lease:

  • 17,500 Gallon 263k GRL coiled & insulated, tank cars.

Lynn Hayungs: (956) 358-5272
[email protected]

Bryan Vaughan: (630) 361-6745
Email: [email protected]


Investors First Capital Rail Leasing Div.

  • Rail Car Sales & Leasing
  • Just in: 50+ 5800 CF, PP, 286K Cars
  • Tankers and OTH’s 286
  • Large inventory of freight cars 286

Sam Mannino: (814) 692-5277
Email: [email protected]


ATEL Equipment Services

Tank cars Available for Sale or Lease

  • 26,672 Gallon, 263K GRL, N/C – N/I  Tank Cars

Boxcars available for Sale or Lease

  • 60’, 100 ton, plate “F” Boxcars, with cushioned underframes and 10’ plug doors, 268K GRL
  • 50’, 100 ton, plate “C” Boxcars with cushioned underframes and 10’plug doors, 268K GRL

Covered Hoppers Available for Sale or Lease

  • 3000 CF, Covered Hopper Cars, 268K GRL
  • 4750/4650 CF, Covered Hoppers Cars
  • 5000 CF, Center Flow Pressureaid, Covered  Hopper Cars, 286K GRL

Log Spine Cars Available for Lease or Sale

  • 65’ 100 ton, Log Spine Cars equipped with six (6) log bunks

Gondolas Available for Sale or Lease

  • 4300 CF, Aluminum, Rotary, Open Top, Gondolas, 286K GRL

Tom Monroe: (415) 616-3472
Email: [email protected]

Mid-Am Equipment

Tank Cars Available for Sale or Lease:
  • 3 – 23,500 Gallon, 111A100W1, EC/Ins – for captive service only.
  • 3 – 34,000 Gallon, 105J and 112J – 300 to 400 PSI – for captive service only.

Tank Cars Wanted

Wanted for purchase

  • 30 31,000 gallon, 1232 tank cars.
  • 5 25,500 gallon pressure cars
  • 35 17,500 gallon tank cars for liquid fertilizer

Flat Cars for use as bridges for Sale

  • 10 – 89’ Flatcars Suitable for Bridges only.
Rail Flat Cars Wanted:
Wanted for lease
  • 15 60′ or longer for pipe service

Wanted for purchase

  • Flatcars to be used as bridges

Phone: (480) 247-3892
Email: [email protected]