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Investors First Capital Rail Leasing Division

Investors First Capital
Rail Leasing Division

For Sale or Lease
48 – 25,500 E/C Ins. – CPC1232’s.

For Lease:
25 – 33,500 (400 PSI) LPG Tankers

Lease Assumption
15 – 25,500 E/C, Ins., Lease Assumption


Mil Gondolas, 3250 OTH’s,
Unwanted Railcars
50 – 60′  Boxcars (end of life cars preferred)

Railcar Modifications and Plating

 Sam Mannino: (814) 692-5277
Email: [email protected]


ATEL Equipment Services

Tank cars Available for Sale or Lease

  • 26,672 Gallon, 263K GRL, N/C – N/I  Tank Cars

Boxcars available for Sale or Lease

  • 60’, 100 ton, plate “F” Boxcars, with cushioned underframes and 10’ plug doors, 268K GRL
  • 50’, 100 ton, plate “C” Boxcars with cushioned underframes and 10’plug doors, 268K GRL

Covered Hoppers Available for Sale or Lease

  • 3000 CF, Covered Hopper Cars, 268K GRL
  • 4750/4650 CF, Covered Hoppers Cars
  • 5000 CF, Center Flow Pressureaid, Covered  Hopper Cars, 286K GRL

Log Spine Cars Available for Lease or Sale

  • 65’ 100 ton, Log Spine Cars equipped with six (6) log bunks

Gondolas Available for Sale or Lease

  • 4300 CF, Aluminum, Rotary, Open Top, Gondolas, 286K GRL

Tom Monroe: (415) 616-3472
Email: [email protected]