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                The Andersons

PD Covered Hoppers Available for Lease:

(50) 5660 CF, PD covered hoppers:
NEW ARI built 286 GRL, food grade
interior linings, March 2020 delivery.

Covered Hoppers Available For Lease:

(50) 5116 – 5250 CF, covered hoppers:
286 GRL, trough hatches, 30 x 30
gravity gates.

(100) 4750 CF, covered hoppers:
286 GRL, trough or round hatches available
gravity gates

Tank Cars Available for Lease:

(50) 30K, DOT 111 NC/NI Tank Cars:
263 GRL, lined or unlined available

Matt Keck:  (419) 891-6693
Email: [email protected]