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VTG Rail, Inc. Listings

VTG Rail, Inc.

Open Top Hoppers Available for Lease:
  • 4000 CF, 263k GRL, steel, rapid discharge open top hoppers.

Covered Hoppers Available For Lease:

  • 3000 CF, covered hoppers, 263k GRL
  • 3250, CF, covered hoppers, 286k GRL
  • 4650 – 5250 CF, covered hoppers, 263k GRL. with round hatch covers and gravity gates.
  • 4750 CF, covered hoppers with trough hatches and gravity gates.
  • 5127 CF, covered hoppers with gravity gates, 286k GRL
  • 5161 CF, covered hoppers, gravity pneumatic outlet gates, lined, 286k GRL
  • 5750 & 5850 CF, covered hoppers with trough hatches, gravity gates, 263k GRL
  • 5750 CF, covered hoppers with trough hatches and gravity gates, 263k GRL
  • 5850 CF, 263k GRL, plastic pellet cars.
  • 6500 CF, covered hoppers with Trough hatches, gravity gates 286k GRL.

Tank Cars Available for Lease:

  • 17,500 Gallon 263k GRL coiled & insulated, tank cars.

Lynn Hayungs: (956) 358-5272
[email protected]

Bryan Vaughan: (630) 361-6745
Email: [email protected]